Saturday, 29 May 2010

Shhh... Secret Map to poco^^

10 分钟步行距离到poco:
从Abdullah Hukum Putra LRT站过天桥,经过一小池塘,拐进Tenaga National公司范围往里边直走,上一小斜路,前方有个白色小印度庙,通过庙旁的小门进入住宅区,游乐场过后再经过两排住家,就会看到poco 躲在另一游乐场后面!(整个社区就只有一排商店!加油!)
p.s: 小门只在平日开放;星期六,日及假日关闭。

10 mins walking distance to poco from the LRT station:
Walk through the platform bridge from Abdullah Hukum Putra LRT station, and you will see a pond. Turn into Tenaga National and walk straight until you see a small Indian Temple in white. Enter the housing area by the small gate beside the temple. Walk through the playgournd 1 and pass throught 2 row of tarrace house, you will see poco is hiding behind playground 2. Anyway, the whole housing area has only 1 row of shop. Good luck! ^^
p.s: The small gate only open on weekday. Close on Saturday, Sunday & public holiday.
For more information, visit here.


  1.! all this while i've been wondering where on earth is poco homemade, only to know that is only 5 mins walking distance from my campus's hostel!!! =0=

  2. 哇!!!lrt可以去到。。。找一天我还要再去一次。。。

  3. 我比较喜欢你画给我那张^^

  4. izu ting ting: There u know poco are everywhere~~!!
    feel free to drop by n hav a chat^^

    蓝天: 但要注意哦,那小门只在平时天开放;星期六,日及假日都关闭!


  5. 那么星期六,日要怎么去到poco咧?