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Saturday, 10 September 2011

poco の 杂货生活


然后,你开始想做一道合自己胃口的餐点,修剪过长的发尾、裤脚,要一个小书架、枕头、布袋, 发掘一首好听的独立音乐, 来一趟自己设定路线地图的旅行... 。不想让生活上的细节都假手于他人,胡乱的吃、随便的睡,赶着潮流符号,手机没电就没方向,不上网就没人关爱。


Zakka- 来自日语- 杂货“ざか, 意味对生活上微小事物的发现与体验,触感是关键字。 喜欢Zakka,除了怀旧,对生活的参与感是主要原因。从缅怀旧时事物的材质而开始四出捡破烂,进而自行制作家具并将之“翻旧”,认识到实木与合木的差别,知道了材质对空间的影响。同时热衷手工制作:解决技术问题同时要考虑如何协调棉、麻与皮等的质感搭配;再到掌握泡茶的时间、调整打奶泡的动作让蛋糕呈现松软嚼劲... 种种都让我们更加投入生活,触感依然是关键。

这一切的劳作旨在协调生活。协调不单指颜色还关乎材质的应用,提倡多用木、麻、铁等可循环原料,少塑化材质。 多用自然的土色系,以不刺激眼睛为根据。再来对穿着的讲究:舒适度、剪裁、色调。是学问,是态度。

一直深信对贴身事物的了解与要求造就个人生活,最实际的作法就是亲自参与,回到触感。愿共勉之 :)

Have you ever experienced: the newly bought furniture broke in few months or bought a dress without thinking twice and then regret over its unfit texture or cutting? No one will care how much sugar, additives or even preservatives they are taking in this visual-oriented fast food era.

Then, you start thinking in prepare a meal that you like, trimming your overlong hair or your trousers, discovering independent music that fit yourself or to go travel in your own plan. Living your life in your own way and pace.

It’s more great fun in DIY. That’s where poco started.

Zakka, or translated as “grocery” in Japanese, means the discovery and experience of the tiny thing in life, with “touch” being the keyword. In addition to being nostalgia, sense of participation in life is the main reason for loving Zakka. In order to commemorate the past, old material was scavenged and new furniture was created or refurbished from there. Also, learnt to understand the difference between solid wood and the effect of material toward space. Due to the passion for handmade, coordination of different texture of cotton, linen and leather was included when solving technical problems. And then the time management for tea brewing to the mixing method in foaming of the cake so that it is soft and fluffy, all these makes us get more into life, with touch still being the keyword.

To create a harmonized life, not only in the color used (by increased usage of earth color), but also the use of material, with more emphasis for recyclable material such as wood, linen, iron and less plastic-related material. It is also a knowledge or attitude in wearing, by wearing comfortably, suitable cutting and color.

We always believed that understanding and demand creates one’s life, and the most practical way to it is getting self involvement, back to that touch of the life.

Friday, 9 September 2011

poco 手作号外 #6

Griselle handmade,把来自大海的美丽介绍给大家。

别于一般的饰品,她选择了一个个外形独特的海胆作为她创作的题材。与她本人相像的气质,Griselle 的作品带着高雅的姿态来到 poco,静静的为我们的手作角落添上来自遥远海洋的独特美。