Thursday, 31 March 2011

poco 手作号外 #4

手工皂的珍贵之处在于其量身订做的獨特性。制作者花心思地为不同的皮肤需求提供各种呵护。冷製皂的製作過程天然,不會對於肌膚造成負擔,也能維護生態與環境,是最天然的清潔用品。高成本的少量制作,且需花費四至八週的時間等待熟成。在呵护肌肤的同时也能为环保出一份力。随着 Lullabelle 的加入,poco 的角落多了一阵阵手工皂的天然香气。

What is so precious about handmade soup is its
special made for different type of skin. Various type of ingredients are added for needs of different skin type. All soaps are made by hand from scratch at our home kitchen (pet and smoke free) using only the finest ingredients, some are imported, and whenever possible they are organic and sustainable. Always striving to produce only high-quality soaps, every detail is carefully handcrafted, and guaranteed to be made with no additives or preservatives. Lullabelle brings natural fragrance to poco's corner.