Sunday, 30 May 2010

Featured in newspaper

谢妈妈的美味食谱介绍在昨天的星洲大都会,而zzz与mer mer的专访在今天的中国报周刊。想要了解更多poco的小细节,可以参考以上报章。记者玉婷与若瑜还真把poco人的精神写了出来。万分感激。


Chef auntie's cooking recipe are featured in Sin Chew Metro Edition. zzz and mer mer are featured in China Press Full Weekly. You may refer to these papers if you would like to know more about us. Thanks, reporters!

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Poco 的日与夜



Saturday, 29 May 2010

Shhh... Secret Map to poco^^

10 分钟步行距离到poco:
从Abdullah Hukum Putra LRT站过天桥,经过一小池塘,拐进Tenaga National公司范围往里边直走,上一小斜路,前方有个白色小印度庙,通过庙旁的小门进入住宅区,游乐场过后再经过两排住家,就会看到poco 躲在另一游乐场后面!(整个社区就只有一排商店!加油!)
p.s: 小门只在平日开放;星期六,日及假日关闭。

10 mins walking distance to poco from the LRT station:
Walk through the platform bridge from Abdullah Hukum Putra LRT station, and you will see a pond. Turn into Tenaga National and walk straight until you see a small Indian Temple in white. Enter the housing area by the small gate beside the temple. Walk through the playgournd 1 and pass throught 2 row of tarrace house, you will see poco is hiding behind playground 2. Anyway, the whole housing area has only 1 row of shop. Good luck! ^^
p.s: The small gate only open on weekday. Close on Saturday, Sunday & public holiday.
For more information, visit here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

poco 2.0 Present



如果你有到访过poco 1.0,对于这些东西你大概不会感到陌生。同样的想法,在这里得以更完整的呈现。桌椅的数量还是一样少得不符合经济效应。反正,舒适就好。poco 的食物依旧美味;就算它依然长得不像餐厅。把你认为的常理放在门外吧。多点时间与宽容地在我们的工作室里感受感受我们为你营造的悠哉空间。

You should familiar with all this items if you have been to poco 1.0. With a very handmade appearance, we have started again at this new location. We still limit the number of table although we have more room now because we hope the place will be cozy. We serve delicious food still even poco doesn't look like a restaurant at all. If you are not rushing out of time, I guess you will like the relaxing atmosphere here in poco.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Poco new location map!

Poco 的新家...即将在11/5开幕...而今天,我们竟然还在粉刷!呵呵!



Poco new locationg map
Our opening is 11 May 2010,
but we are still painting the wall today.
We are back!

Anyway, time to sleep now...-_-zzz...

1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur